Powerful, Flexible Social Media Tracking For Aggregation & Display.

Parse / Track / Moderate / Display

Track Anything

Need real, reliable social media data for your brand or special event? With Panjiea, you can track a virtually unlimited number of hashtags or accounts. Show your manager the measurable effect your brand has on your audience.

Display Fan Photos

Want to create a video wall that shows Instagram photos tagged with your event hashtag? Display live posts at your event! You can moderate what posts to show or not show from any or all of the social media feeds you choose to follow with your administration dashboard.

Multiple Platforms

Track social media data from Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Track accounts and hashtags on Twitter and hashtags on Instagram.

Engage with user generated content!

Mozaic is a dynamic social media platform built to power the most exciting social media activations. Our world-class software and tools help teams create remarkable brand experiences.